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A couple of hundred thousand of you have bought my first book on Fountain Pens in the half dozen languages in which it has been published over five continents: Many collectors have approached me at shows and said that you really liked it; it provided you your initial introduction into the field; it taught you all you needed to know; you wouldn't dream of going to a flea market without it; It was the most useful book for assisting with negotiation on pens when you were dealing with totally un-knowledgeable antique dealers etc

Which is gratifying.  I really appreciate the kind comments and tried to provide a proper introduction to the field in a form which you would all like.  Even if it was insidiously designed to HOOK the innocent reader into unwittingly becoming a collector

I have a new book out called 



it is published by enigma books under ISBN No:1-929631-99-5 and was designed by Rizzoli Publishing . It will be available everywhere.  I am hoping it will be even  more  interesting and useful than the one shown below

Fountain Pen Book


Pens for Sale | Watches | Cars | Articles, Research, Opinions | CLICK here to see this month's special offer or just to see the famous Parker Ultra-Giant (alternatively known as the REALLY pregnant Parker, with the red baby pen inside) 


What to Look for in the High End of Fountain Pens: 
This is an extract from an article first published in Pen World magazine (when that magazine used to print articles about vintage , as opposed to modern, pens) which gave some pointers concerning what makes pens valuable at the high end. 

Hints and Tips for New Collectors: 
This page will show new collectors how to negotiate for fountain pens. 

To read about the development of the fountain pen, including the part played by various fountain pen companies, see Pen Development

To understand Why People Like Writing with Vintage Pens and other matters of general interest (including files submitted by other collectors), visit the matters of interest



Please e-mail me if you like double-jewelled Parker Vacumatic Maximas or Oversizes with flexible nibs

Supplies page / general terms   What's New in Vintage Pens!  

Metal Pens: List of Available (or potential?) Metal Pens 

Hard Rubber Pens: List of Available (or potential?) Plastic or Hard Rubber Pens 

Wrist Watches: List of Available Wrist Watches 

Classic Cars: List of Available Classic Cars 

Pens in book: List of Pens in Fountain Pen book which may still be available


Pen Categories: Learn about the development of the fountain from the earliest days to the present 

Pen Categories: Is what you are looking at or being offered worth real money? 

Pen Categories: You have never seen this companies' name before, or you are being offered it from another country: Is this a major manufacturer? 

Pen Categories: This pen looks suspiciously cheap: Is it worth buying to keep as the centrepiece of my collection?  

Pen Categories: The pen I am being offered is in my price range. Where does the company fit in the overall scheme of things? I don't want to pay more than about $1000 for any pen  

Pen Categories: Which companies should I avoid? Someone calls me and raves about some company I have never heard of. Is he hyping a piece of junk? 

Pen Categories: See where in a pen companies' life-cycle the piece you are looking at fits 

Wrist Watches: An article showing what to look for as far a vintage wrist watches 
An article showing which types of classic car have the best investment potential Classic Cars: 


Monroe's Pen Shop  

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Has anyone seen this small-format hard cover book?  Or one like it in any language?    Please feel free to e-mail me if you have seen it or if you have bought a copy



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